5 U23 Forwards Under £1000: Budget Friendly Picks

Today we are going to look at the best U23 forwards under £1000. I’m pinning the price to the currency instead of Ethereum, due to the fluctuations in pricing of the cryptocurrency. If you’re new to Sorare, I’d recommend you take a look at our ultimate beginners guide first.

If you’re short on time but want to continue reading, let me summarise the platform. Sorare is a fantasy sports game, consisting of both Football (Soccer in some places) and Major League Baseball. You physically own the digital cards and can sell or trade these… in addition to being able to collect them.

The Best Under 23 Forwards on Sorare

We are jumping in at the deep end on this one, as many experienced managers will know that U23 Forwards are the most expensive players typically. This is because they are usually the most hyped players. Look at the comparisons, nobody really cares about Albon Lafont when compared to Erling Haaland! Below are three of the most exciting U23 players, albeit you wouldn’t get these for the stated £1,000 budget.

Vinicius Junior Limited Edition Card
Kylian Mbappe Super Rare
Kylian Mbappe Super Rare Card
Julian Alvarez Rare
Julian Alvarez Rare Card – 2022 Version

I’ve covered quite a few articles on under 23 players, with my most recent one being the Best U23 players on Sorare under £500. This was quite difficult, but very interesting and also entertaining.

Without a doubt, U23 Sorare players have their positives and their negatives. For example, they have the longest utility of all collectible cards, and it’s always more fun to hold a wonderkid.

However, like we seen with Florian Wirtz recent injury, it’s not all fun and games, and you can see how risky it can become.

Either way, you need to be prepared to pay a premium for Under 23 Forwards on Sorare. Whether it’s the Strikers or Wingers, they’re in high demand. This is down to their importance in S05, alongside their real-life importance. Quite often, most teams have a star striker, who they can’t afford to substitute during a game. This translates to points on Sorare, as the longer a player is on the pitch, the higher their chance of scoring or making a decisive action.

I have spent quite a lot of time compiling this list to be useful for players with strict budgets. It would be far too easy to note down the best players on the platform, completely disregarding your budget. The truth is, there’s a very small amount of players that can fund a Kylian Mbappe & Haaland duo upfront!

So whilst I won’t be finding players that are £5-£10, I have set a £1,000 maximum budget. Whilst doing the above, I also have the following sub-criteria which I want to meet:

  • Playing Time: The player must feature in at least 65% of matches played. We don’t want to buy a player that has no utility, as we want to be able to win cards straight away.
  • Minimum Games Played: 10 Games. We don’t want to compile data with bare bones information. We need to ensure it’s a good pick
  • Age: Under 23. This will ensure the player is eligible for the U23 league, for at least one season.
  • Price: Less than £1,000. No exceptions.

Francisco Conceicao

When looking for Youth Players, I really do prefer for them to be first-team regulars. I’m putting my head on the block with this one, as Conceicao wasn’t a starter for the bulk of the season at Porto. However, he certainly showed during the season that he’s capable of greatness, and Ajax immediately activated the £4.5 million release clause for the Right Winger.

Francisco Conceicao
Francisco Conceicao Scout Report – Sorare

Conceicao is far from the finished article yet, but he’s at the club where he will be able to develop. Ajax have a fantastic youth setup, and they know how to spot future stars. If you couple that, with the fact that all of his last 6 games have scored 50 or more, he’s definitely growing into the game.

This is part of the game when playing Under 23’s, as you’re frequently buying players which aren’t yet the finished article. Obviously, it can be more risky as we don’t see how the player is physically developing, but we can see their performance scores on Sorare which gives us a better idea.

Francisco Conceicao has already shown that he has ambition, and that he’s not scared of taking a risk or two. He’s departing Porto who are the Primeira Liga Champions, to join a new project at Ajax. Not only has he left Porto behind, he has also left his father behind who is the manager for the Portugese Champions. He wasn’t by any means a guaranteed starter for Porto, but his playing time was increasing.

Antony is also the direct competition for the same position at Ajax, and I don’t think there will be much competition at first. If Antony doesn’t transfer to Manchester United, Francisco Conceicao will be second-in-line. However, at 19 years old I would still definitely want a player of his calibre in my gallery for when he inevitably bursts onto the scene.

Priced at £843, Conceicao is expected to start games often. Sorare managers will be hoping that Antony does leave, which would bump up his standings on the team sheet. He’s one of the best upcoming talents, but he’s going to need gametime to earn his worth on Sorare.

Joshua Zirkzee

Joshua Zirkzee
Joshua Zirkzee Scout Report: Sorare

It feels like rolling back the years mentioning Joshua Zirkzee. At the tender age of 16 years old, Zirkzee was over-performing at Bayern Munich II. From scoring a hat-trick on his debut, the hype was already building. There were already plans to bring Zirkzee in as a Lewandowski replacement in years to come.

During the 2019 campaign, he came off the bench in the Bundesliga and scored a few goals. He never really got the chance to nail down a spot though, as Robert Lewandowski needed consistent game-time in his push for the Ballon D’or. His chance never arrived and wouldn’t arrive in Germany. He was loaned out to Parma, who had an option to buy included in the deal. If Bayern truly valued him, they wouldn’t insert this clause.

He appeared just 4 times in Italy, mainly due to a nasty injury he suffered early on. He would return to Germany. The following season, he signed for Anderlecht on loan, and really found form. He scored 16 goals, and looking at his Sorare performance scores, he did really well. He didn’t hit a 100 score, but he did hit over 80 on two separate occassions. The bulk of his scores were berween 60-80, which is great.

I don’t think that he will remain a Bayern Munich player, but it’s definitely worthwhile seeing where he moves to. A return to Anderlecht would be great, but he has been linked with a few clubs that could be more damaging to his S05 performances. Clubs like Bologna, Everton & Southampton have been linked.

Zirkzee is priced quite high on Sorare, so I’d definitely hold back to see how things pan out regarding his next club. At £960, you want assurances that he’s going to be playing every single week & dominating in a weaker league. He wouldn’t be worth £960 appearing for 15-20 minutes every weekend.

Reiss Nelson
Reiss Nelson Scout Report on Sorare

Reiss Nelson has shown that he has the quality, albeit in brief spells. He’s been a player that’s struggled to get going ever since 2017, when he broke into the Arsenal first team as their Hale End graduate. Another player that has been passed from club to club on loan, Reiss Nelson hasn’t managed to show how much of an influence he can make.

His loan at Hoffenheim was quite successful, but he didn’t show enough quality to push through at Arsenal and ended up on loan again. In 21/22, he was loaned out to Feyenoord, where he scored just twice and assisted four times.

It doesn’t sound so promising right now, as I haven’t ‘sold’ Reiss as one of the best options. However, his upside is there for sure. There’s lots of different ways to play this game, and buying players before they’re hot in form is a sure-fire way to make some trading profit.

This would rely on him being loaned out again, or being given a chance to stay at Arsenal. I think the latter could happen, and we could see Nelson in the premier league. The Athletic have reported that the gunners are looking towards their own talent after missing out on Raphinha. He might not be a starter in the Premier League, but there are some nice looking Europa League fixtures which could go his way. In addition to this, the Five Substitutes now being allowed in the Premier League will surely require extra depth.

Reiss Nelson is definitely one of my riskier picks, as a lot of this decision lies on him taking his chances that he’s given at Arsenal. Without a doubt, he’s worth it for Europa League nights alone at £300. If Arsenal have an injury or two, you could easily see his price increase.


Paulinho Scout Report on Sorare

Paulinho is another player that arrived at Bayer Leverkusen with lots of potential, but hampered by injury. After 4 years, he’s now looking for a new club. Although he has one year left on his contract, he has held talks with the bosses and handed in a transfer request.

He’s been linked to Ajax, which has put me on red-alert in many ways. It’s also forced my hand and I’ve included him in this list for that reason alone. With Antony potentially leaving, Paulinho would join ready to replace him.

The thing is; Paulinho hasn’t really been given a proper chance to showcase his skills in the Bundesliga. He’s averaged 50 minutes per game since he joined, which isn’t enough to stay match-fit, yet alone develop further.

Adam Hlozek has now joined Bayer, and they are expected to sell Paulinho for a cut-price.

On Sorare, he’s not been a great player to this point, purely because he hasn’t played the minutes. Regardless of this, he’s no stranger to scoring 70+ and has completed this on 4 occassions in 21/22.

He’s another player that has lots of upside if he makes a favourable transfer, definitely one to watch. At just over £400, he makes for a low-risk option who has the potential to double in price, if he secures a good transfer or gets given his chance to shine.

Vangelis Pavlidis

Vangelis Pavlidis is a 23 year old, so as of the time of writing he has limited time left as an U23 Eligible Forward. He’s eligible until the 1st July 2023, so you’ve still got a full year of his Under 23 eligibility. After this, you can still use him in other tournaments, but we are focusing on U23 options only in this post.

Vangelis Pavlidis Sorare Under 23 Forward

Pavlidis is still relatively young, but he’s relatively experienced. He’s been at Borrusia Dortmund II, but he was released where he’s had a few loan deals at various clubs. He’s now settled in at AZ Alkmaar, where he’s become a key member of the squad.

In the 2021/22 campaign, he scored 16 and assisted 5 times in 33 appearances in the Eredivisie, which placed him as the join-third goalscorer. AZ continued to finish in 5th place, which is exactly where they’re expected to.

One of the reasosns that Pavlidis has been so efficient in front of goal, is down to his tema-mate Jesper Karlsson. He’s a phenomenal left winger that made the most assists last season, but he was also 6th on the Goalscorer charts. I would hope that AZ can keep Karlsson, so he can continue to provide assists to Vangelis.

He’s a Sorare forward which can come straight into your lineup and make the difference. He scores 60+ almost for fun, and he’s also up there with the worlds best on his Expected Goals. ESPN reported him as the 15th Highest performer in the world.

The Greek Striker is very close to our £1,000 budget, but I’ve just about managed to pull it off.

Under 23 Forwards Under £1000: Conclusion

It’s not easy to pick Under 23 Forwards on a budget, but it has been extremely entertaining to build this list. Sometimes, we need alternatives to players such as Kylian Mbappe, Erling Haaland and even Benjamin Sesko, who are some of the highest priced Under 23 stars.

There’s also extra fun in buying players that aren’t quite at their peak, giving you the option of selling them if they hit a good run of form.

Keep an eye out for more articles in this series, where I continue with:

  • Under 23 Midfielders Under £1,000
  • Under 23 Defenders Under £1,500
  • Under 23 Goalkepeers Under £1,500

I understand that these aren’t the lowest budgets available, so I will be looking at compiling a dataset of more budget-friendly options. If you think I’ve missed a star or two, let me know in the comments!

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