Beginner Guides

Sorare Data Walkthrough: The Data analysis tool

If you want to succeed in the Sorare fantasy tournaments, you should avoid picking your teams blindly. Fortunately, there’s an analysis tool called Sorare Data, which provides all of this information completely free of charge. Today, I’ll be explaining exactly how you can use this tool to help you win. Update: August 2022 Sorare Data … Read more

Sorare Tips for Beginners

Sorare Tips & Tricks for beginners

When New Managers start playing Sorare, it’s not uncommon for them to reach out requesting help. There’s a few reasons for this, and it’s the reason that I created the previous article. As Sorare is a completely unique platform, it does take time to learn how the platform works. In order to help the process … Read more

Sorare Low Budget Strategy

The Perfect Low Budget Strategy on Sorare

Since I started this website, the most common questions that I receive are: Why are the cards so expensive? How much do I need to start playing? Can I make money with a low budget team? It’s important that Sorare is available to all budgets, but I must admit that if you’re looking at playing … Read more