Under 23 Forwards Under £1000

5 U23 Forwards Under £1000: Budget Friendly Picks

Today we are going to look at the best U23 forwards under £1000. I’m pinning the price to the currency instead of Ethereum, due to the fluctuations in pricing of the cryptocurrency. If you’re new to Sorare, I’d recommend you take a look at our ultimate beginners guide first. If you’re short on time but … Read more

Professional Players That Play Sorare

Professional Footballers that Play Sorare Today we have a post for fun, which will be tracking Professional Players that are active on Sorare. This blog will be updated frequently, to show you managers and their manager names. It’s definitely worth checking to see what the professional players are doing. I will also be explaining some … Read more

Sorare Data Walkthrough: The Data analysis tool

If you want to succeed in the Sorare fantasy tournaments, you should avoid picking your teams blindly. Fortunately, there’s an analysis tool called Sorare Data, which provides all of this information completely free of charge. Today, I’ll be explaining exactly how you can use this tool to help you win. Update: August 2022 Sorare Data … Read more

Sorare Challenger Europe

Sorare Challenger Europe Scouting

The Challenger Europe Division on Sorare is an interesting one, as the league is stacked full of promising talent from across the globe. What’s even more exciting, is that new clubs continually join the platform so the pool continues to grow. For example, we’ve recently seen the Scottish Premiership join the platform, which has included … Read more

Sorare Stacks

Sorare Stacks Strategy: Players From the Same Team

Sorare Stacks are something that certainly divide the community. Although the power of them is definitely undeniable when they work, they are also seen as a bit ‘unethical’ in the gaming world. Personally, I think there’s no problem in stacking a full team. In this article, I’ll be explaining exactly what a Sorare Stack is … Read more

Sorare Tips for Beginners

Sorare Tips & Tricks for beginners

When New Managers start playing Sorare, it’s not uncommon for them to reach out requesting help. There’s a few reasons for this, and it’s the reason that I created the previous article. As Sorare is a completely unique platform, it does take time to learn how the platform works. In order to help the process … Read more

Scotland Sorare

Sorare Scotland: 5 Players to Consider

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with the Global Domination that Sorare appear to be continuing, you may have missed the news that the Scottish Premier League have joined forces and will be producing NFT’s in partnership with Sorare. This is a collaboration that has excited many current players on the platform, specifically … Read more

Most Expensive Sorare Cards

The 10 Most Expensive Sorare Cards Ever Sold

Pricing up a new card on Sorare can be difficult, even more-so when there’s only 1 for sale on the Market. This happens with Unique Scarcity cards quite often. We are looking at the 10 Most Expensive Sorare Cards sold on Auction, and I have a feeling that we are going to be looking mainly … Read more

Sorare Spain: La Liga Join the Sports NFT Gaming World

Sorare La Liga: The Spanish League Enter the Platform Table of Contents Typically we are used to Sorare adding a new club to the platform, but they’ve gone all out this time… partnering with a complete league. The Santander La Liga, to be exact. Although Lionel Messi has recently left Barcelona, there’s plenty of other … Read more

Sorare Portugal

Sorare Portugal: 4 Picks after A Scouting Mission

Cristiano Ronaldo. Bruno Fernandes. Joao Felix. How easy this post could be! Unfortunately, for myself, I try not to make these scouting missions too easy and I like a little bit of a challenge. Although it would be fantastic to hold the above players on Sorare, only a small pool of people will be able to. They’re … Read more

Choosing a Goalkeeper

The Best Goalkeepers on Sorare: Quality, at A Premium

It’s really important to have a great goalkeeper in your team. The difference between a reward card, or narrowly missing out. On all fantasy football platforms, Goalkeepers can be the make or break for your points total, and this carries over into Sorare. Typically, there are fewer Goalkeeper cards available than outfield positions, as there … Read more

How to Deposit on Sorare

How to Deposit on Sorare (Cheapest & Most Efficient Method)

How to Deposit on Sorare (Using a Bank Account) Quite a lot of players have emailed me asking how to deposit on Sorare, like they can with other platforms. However, Sorare runs on the blockchain so it doesn’t use cash, it uses Ethereum. What better, than a Sorare Deposit Tutorial? I think at least 70% of … Read more

Sorare preparation

Preparing For Next Season: A Battle Ahead

Preparing For Next Season on Sorare Table of Contents Preparing for Next Season on Sorare In a similar fashion to how clubs utilise the transfer window to get rid of deadwood and acquire new players to take them to newer heights, Sorare managers must be thinking on their feet during this busy period.  Whilst Sorare … Read more

Sorare Low Budget Strategy

The Perfect Low Budget Strategy on Sorare

Since I started this website, the most common questions that I receive are: Why are the cards so expensive? How much do I need to start playing? Can I make money with a low budget team? It’s important that Sorare is available to all budgets, but I must admit that if you’re looking at playing … Read more