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Preparing for Next Season on Sorare

In a similar fashion to how clubs utilise the transfer window to get rid of deadwood and acquire new players to take them to newer heights, Sorare managers must be thinking on their feet during this busy period. 

Whilst Sorare also boasts a ‘collectability’ value, it’s plain to see that the S05 tournaments, or specifically the winning prizes, are the rewards which players want.

There’s no better time to prepare for the up and coming season, with many managers already making the final changes to their squads, in anticipation for future performances.

You will already see that managers are getting ready for the upcoming seasons, and I’ve already spotted a massive trend.

Sorare 2022 Trend

Will Next Season be Harder?

Without a doubt, the Trend on Sorare is Youth Players. Unfortunately, not any old youth players, ones with extreme potential! There are lots of managers that are planning to upgrade from Division 4 Tournaments to Division 3, which may prove to be a great decision.

As you increase through the divisions, the amount of players competing will reduce. This is because the players that you need to purchase become more expensive, as you need to purchase Super Rares, or even consider Uniques!

However, just because the competition pool reduces, doesn’t mean it’s easier to win. In the higher divisions, you’ll be coming up against some super-stacked players, who have a huge roster of players. You will still need luck on your side, in order to pick 5 high scoring players.

If you’re wondering why youth players are the trending topic, it’s because they have longer term utility. Instead of a brilliant player like 22 year old Koopmeiners in the Under 23’s, you can deploy someone like Gravenberch who has 5 years of shelf-life in the Under 23’s. It becomes a little bit less of a gamble, and it’s presumed that players value will drop as they aren’t eligible for the U23 tournaments.

I think in many ways, Sorare will naturally become a little more difficult as it grows into a mature product. This is because as it grows, it reaches a newer audience, which means there’s increased players in the pool for prizes. 

I don’t think this is a cause for concern, as Sorare will most likely increase the prize payout ratio, so the same percentage of people still win.

In addition to extra competition from new players, as Sorare grows it will bring in the licensing for more clubs. This will also bring more team variants, which will make things a little more tricky! 

It’s important to set your sights on a specific tournament, and try to build teams for as many divisions as possible in that league. I’ll be sticking to my Under 23’s, but that also comes with it’s own challenges.

Which Division are you targeting next season?