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Sorare Training

Sorare Training: how it works & Increasing Your XP

If you aren’t training your unused cards on a Sorare gameweek, you’re at a massive disadvantage. I have to be blunt here. It’s also one of my biggest Sorare Tips for Beginners. You need to train your cards up. Let me explain Sorare Training in-depth, so you can make sure you increase your chances of … Read more


Sorare League RULES: where can my player play?

Before you purchase a few players and realise they might not be eligible where you would like to play them, I think it’s best that you read this mini-article which discusses the Sorare League Rules in depth. Important Notice: In addition to Division and League Rules, it’s important that you can understand the Scarcity Rules, … Read more

How to Play Sorare for Free

So you want to play Sorare for free, but you aren’t sure if: A) You’ll actually enjoy playing it B) You’ll win prizes C) You might just want to learn the ropes for free, before putting your football knowledge to the test in the ‘Premium’ Tier fantasy contests. There’s many reasons why you might want to … Read more

Sorare Legends

Sorare Legends: Club Icons Join Platform

In a move that sounds like something from Fifa Ultimate Team, Sorare have introduced Legends to their platform. If you aren’t sure on my Fifa reference, FUT is a platform where players work to build the best team they can, aiming to dominate the online world of Fifa. I’m quite excited for these legend cards … Read more

How to Withdraw from Sorare

There comes a point in your Sorare career where you decide to withdraw some of your profits. Maybe you’ve just sold one of your reward cards, or you aren’t interested in purchasing anyone else. In this guide, we will be helping you to understand how to convert your ETH back into your currency, whether that’s … Read more


Fanteam Tips: Follow these & Win Fantasy Tournaments

My Thoughts on Fanteam I’ve tried lots of platforms, but FanTeam is something that’s really growing on me. I’ve always been into my fantasy football, but the chance to play for money was a fantastic prospect for me. I’m not a Fanteam wizard, cashing in on every tournament that I enter. However, I have made … Read more