How to Play Sorare for Free

So you want to play Sorare for free, but you aren’t sure if:

  • A) You’ll actually enjoy playing it
  • B) You’ll win prizes
  • C) You might just want to learn the ropes for free, before putting your football knowledge to the test in the ‘Premium’ Tier fantasy contests.

There’s many reasons why you might want to start for free before being a paying customer. Let’s face it, when companies offer any form of ‘Try before you Buy‘, you’d be silly not to take it! It’s no different with Sorare, and the Sorare Rookie League has been created to assist new players in making the transition from traditional Fantasy Football, to Sorare’s 5 a side Fantasy Football. 

Remember, all platforms have various scoring systems, so just because you’re successful in Traditional Fantasy Football, doesn’t immediately mean that your skills will transfer onto Sorare. However, your love of the game surely will!

So, how can we play Sorare for free?

Playing Sorare for Free

There are lots of leagues on Sorare, where managers can put their skills to the test. If you have already signed up to Sorare, you’ll notice that you have a white variant of card in your gallery. These are common cards. They cannot be sold, but you can use them to win more cards on the platform.

If you haven’t yet signed up, scroll up and click my link! Then, when you do purchase some cards, you’ll be eligible for a Free Limited Card too! You can also read up more about the free bonus here

Sorare Casual League

The Sorare Casual League is the league that you will be focusing on, for your F2P Crypto gaming needs. It’s a great way to learn how the game works, before stepping up into the Limited Divisions.

There is no doubt that this is a highly competitive league, as every single manager will be eligible to join in the chaos. I’m hopeful that Sorare will block users from the Casual Leagues, if they have X amount of cards. This will help new players integrate better.

Sorare Casual League Prize Pool

Sorare have recently updated the prize pool, making it more attractive to new players. Previously, only three players would have the chance to win a limited card.

Sorare Limited Card Prize Pool

They have updated the above to now provide Limited Rewards to the Top 100 placed finishers. Everyone else that finishes will still get a common card to build their F2P team, but it’s only the limited that can be used in other tournaments, or sold.

The aim here, is to help you build a limited team that can then compete in other divisions. It gives a real ‘journeyman’ feel to the game, as you could effectively go from a Casual Squad all the way to Super Rare or even Unique tournaments.

That would require a lot of luck though, and it would take some time. (I’m borderline with this statement, as although it can be done, I think it won’t happen too often).

Free Cards on Sorare

In addition to getting your Sorare Cards from the Casual League, I would advise staying tuned to my Youtube Channel and Twitter. I will be running regular giveaways, finding specific cards that will benefit users galleries and purchasing them, solely with the intention of helping you to grow further in the game.

I won’t be giving away an Mbappe or Haaland (unless I have a completely insane weekend of results!) but I will ensure that the cards I provide have a value to them. I will be looking for consistent scoring players, that can legitimately help your team.

If that’s something you’re interested in, feel free to follow me on Twitter & YouTube.

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