Goal Profits Review: The Best Trading Service?

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Goal Profits Review

Since I’ve been playing Football Index, the temptation to get back into sportsbook betting has grown stronger and stronger. I like to think I’ve got an eye for value, and I was on the lookout for a Service which could help me re-gain my footing on Betfair Exchange. This is the moment that I re-joined Goal Profits.

I know all about Goal Profits, having encountered them when they were a Football Tips site. They’ve changed since though, offering a professional trading hub, including a 24-7 helpdesk.

I’m now getting back into sports trading, notably football. In this post, I’ll be conducting a full Goal Profits Review.

About Goal Profits

For all of the right reasons, the men behind the scenes at Goal Profits like to stay away from the limelight. (As someone with Matched Betting experience in the past, I can understand why they wouldn’t want the bookmakers knowing who they are!).

This is because when Goal Profits started, they were a tipping service. It’s hard to take advantage of bookmakers for a long period, before they start to restrict you.

Steve & Kevin set out on a journey, to become full time traders. In this time, they have built a successful platform, which is winning awards for the service that it provides.

What is Goal Profits?

Goal Profits is a Football Trading system, which uses Betting Exchanges to back and lay different bets.

If you aren’t fully sure what Football Trading is, it’s when you use maths, statistics & value to make your decision. You are not betting on your favourite team & you do not use your instincts, or gut feeling.

The Goal Profits system is very simple, but at the same time super effective. It advises you which bets should be placed. All you need to do, is follow the instructions & place the advised bets.

You won’t be able to get on every single bet, as some of these are time-restricted strategies. For example, it could be laying the first half draw.

It sounds very simple & a few people decide to stay independent when trading, using their own stats. However, for a small price, you have to consider if it’s worth your time compiling lots of data… when you can have a more advanced statistical database with one click of a button.

How much does it Cost?

Goal Profits isn’t the cheapest service on the market, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a great product. How many times have you bought cheap, only to buy something else later on? It’s the old saying, buy cheap… buy twice!

Goal Profits has a 7 Day Trial, which every new member should look at jumping on. This is available for just £1.

Once you’ve completed the trial period, you can pay monthly, quarterly or annually.

The monthly fee is £39.95, the quarterly works out at £33 per month. Finally, the annual deal works out to £30.41 per month.

It really depends on your bankroll. If you can’t afford the full £365 taken out immediately, just stick to the monthly. 

You can upgrade at any time too, so you aren’t stuck with your original option.

After upgrading, you’ll be given full access to all of the tools, training & be ready to place your first trades. 

For even further safety, there is a money back guarantee. You simply need to contact Goal Profits Helpdesk and they’ll send a refund, if you aren’t convinced that trading is your thing.

Is Goal Profits actually profitable?

The amount of data and the quality of support is fantastic, but that alone won’t make you profitable.

Goal Profits is designed to give you all of the tools required to make you profitable. However, as we know trading requires work. You will need to act professionally and keep your discipline for long term success.

There are regular webinars and other live sessions that Kevin and Steve offer, where they talk about new trading strategies.

Long term, the tools that they offer provide enormous value. There’s a reason why Goal Profits has won all of the following awards:

  • Best Betting Product 2020
  • Best Football Betting Product 2020
  • Best Football Service 2019
  • Best Betting Product 2019
  • Best Football Betting Product 2019
  • Betting Systems Oscar Winner 2018
  • Best Football System 2018
  • Best Football Trading System 2018
  • Betting Systems Oscar Winner 2017
  • Best Football Trading System 2017
  • Betting Systems Oscar Winner 2016
  • Best Football Betting System 2016
  • Betting Systems Oscar Winner 2015
  • Best Trading System 2015
  • Trading Service of the Year 2014
  • Betting Systems Oscar Winner 2014
  • Best Football Betting System 2014

How can I get started?

Fortunately, getting started is simple. The first thing you should do is take up the free trial, which will give you an insight into the product for just £1.

During this period, you might not place any bets, it all depends on your experience. There’s a wealth of knowledge and information with the membership, so quite a lot of your time at the start will be spent learning.

Goal Profits recommend a starting balance of at least £500, which equips you with enough bankroll to place many smaller bets.

What’s Included in My Membership?

If you like stats, you’re going to love Goal Profits. However, stats have limited use, if there’s no training to support them.

Fortunately, Goal Profits have training suites which are fantastic for all levels of traders. 

They’ve separated their work into three sections. Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

Trading for Beginners

Inside the beginner area, you’ll find the following beginner strategies:

  • First Half Lay The Draw

This trading strategy takes advantage of the fact that most football games have one first half goal. 

You are never alone when you’re trading, as there’s software to guide you along the way. Using this strategy, the Live Stats Module shows you the current status of the match.

It provides all of the information that you need to make a well informed trade. 

This strategy advises you that if there’s been a goal or a red card in the first 15 minutes, you should ignore the game and move on elsewhere.

  • Second Half Lay the Draw

SH LTD takes advantage of games where the teams are drawing in the second half. Instead of looking at boring affairs, it’s best with this strategy to find a match where there’s a team actively trying to win.

Once you’re a member, they will give you full explanations on these trading strategies. 

  • 65/75

This strategy takes advantage of the first goal time, depending on how teams react to it.

It’s based on the principle that if the first goal is scored during the 65th and 75th minute, there tends to be at least one more goal scored.

  • M22 Strategy

The M22 stands for Magical 2-2. 

The lads at Goal Profits have done their research, finding that the occurence of a 2-2 draw is around 5%, which gives implied odds of around 20.0.

However, the 2-2 draw often gives odds of around 16/17s.

It’s a low risk system which provides high reward, exactly what you want in trading.

Intermediate Trading Strategies

The intermediate trading strategies are:

  • FH00 – Laying 0-0 in the Half Time score market.
  • SH15 – looking for two second half goals.
  • 2001 – Looking for the away team to take the lead, during the first 20 mins.
  • L15 – looking for a game with a likely goal in the last 15 minutes.
  • CS3 – A correct score strategy looking for 3 goals.
  • CS4 – Correct Score Strategy 4.

Advanced Trading Strategies

  • Goal Value Table – A tool used to pick out value from all of Betfair’s markets.
  • Asian Handicap – taking advantage of the extra value provided on the Asian Handicap  markets.
  • Contra – Going against below average performance, knowing that it has to bounce back long-term.
  • Advanced CS3 – An Ultra aggressive version of the standard CS3 method.

I’ve just listed off some of the strategies that Goal Profits use. However, they might not make any sense to you just yet. 

Don’t worry, as Goal Profits provide all of the training required, and you aren’t just paying for the above information.

For every strategy available, there’s software which you’ll also get access to. Really special software.

Goal Profits Trading Lay the Draw

To show you this software, I’ve opened up the First Half Lay The Draw Software. I’ve took a screenshot of the first result that it’s flagged up.

It’s shown me that the home team have scored in 50% of their games, with the away team having scored in 16% too.

We can also see the extra stats that there’s been 12 games played, with just two bore draws.

Goal Profits also provide a full writeup on the strategy that you should employ, advising you when to lay & when to cash out your bets.

Dutching Calculator

Goal Profits have developed a dutching calculator, which you can use to back a number of events and guarantee your profit.

Live Stats Module

I’m a huge fan of this. Goal Profits have some great tech, with this definitely one of the better pieces of work.

The live stats module looks just like any normal ‘Live Scores’ app, except it’s been made for trading strategies. When a trading strategy can be implemented, the screen will flash up and advise what trading strategy can be considered.

Goal Profits Live Score Module
An overview of the Live Game Tool on Goal Profits

Gone are the days of manually scouring the betfair markets, this software does it all! You can see the beautiful alert tab on the right, I’m sure it’ll come to be your best friend, too!

Hedging Calculator

This calculator tells you how much to back or lay when trading out in order to leave equal profit or loss across all selections. It is especially useful for laying the draw.

The LaunchPad

The launchpad is your introduction to Goal Profits & the world of football trading. 

It’s your learning assistant, which is alongside you during your trading journey. 

I must warn, or advise you, that there is a lot of information here. I don’t say that to try and dissuade you from starting. Football Trading isn’t like putting on your weekend accumulators, it requires discipline. Learning is part of the discipline.

Thankfully, the Launchpad ensures that it’s fun learning, and not just like another chore. 

You won’t get through it in a single evening, but it’s something that you should learn ‘on the job’.

On the Launchpad, you’ll be given your information on:

  • Trading Basics
  • An Introduction to Team Stats
  • Trading for Beginners
  • Intermediate Team Stats
  • Intermediate Training
  • Advanced Team Stats
  • Advanced Training

The Inside Edge

We’ve seen trading schemes in the past, where tipsters would post their bets, advising you to get on after they do.

That’s not what Goal Profits do, they like to educate all of their members to the maximum of their ability. One way that you can gain an edge is by using team news. 

What Goal Profits have created here is simple, yet genius.

They’ve got a secret subscriber list, containing the Twitter Accounts for all of the Football Clubs that you’d ever need. They’re separated into their respected leagues, but they give you a huge advantage.

For example, at 14:00 on Saturday, you can fire up the Premier league list and be the first one looking at the teamsheets. Odds move rapidly on lineup announcements, so you’re in the best position.

Goal Profits Community

If there’s anything that Football Index has taught me when trading, it’s that a platform is only as good as it’s community.

I can actively say that whilst there’s no Forum for discussion, there is a Live Chat area! This means that the replies can be much faster, which is just what you need when you’re trading.

Although Kevin & Steve has a wealth of experience, there’s also quite a few users in the Live Chat area which make the platform what it is. Helpful, Caring & wanting you to win.

In Depth Trading Stats

It’s important to have every edge possible, when required to make an informed decision. Now I need to show you the wealth of stats that Goal Profits provide. They have the following:

  • European A
  • European B
  • European C
  • European Summer
  • Americas Africa/Asia/Middle East
    0-10% 11-20% 21–80% 81-90% 91-99%
    Main Trading Stats (MTS)
  • Goal Times
  • Goal Patterns
  • League Table Analysis (LTA)
  • Rolling LTA
  • Goal Value Table (GVT)

They even have an in-depth team comparison tool, which you can use to scout future fixtures. I’ve chosen Man Utd & PSG at random.

Goal Profits Team Comparison
An Overview of the Team Comparison Tool Feature

Another vital tool is the pre-set shortlist, showing every game which the pro traders have an interest in. There’s also the opportunity to create your own shortlist in my shortlist pro.

Goal Profits Review: Conclusion

I’ve been on Goal Profits now for just over 5 months. I joined at a bit of a weird time for Football, as it had stopped & restarted when COVID-19 caused it to be paused.

Football is back now however and it’s given many more trading opportunities. 

Overall, Goal Profits has been a great success. I’ve been really careful with my bets so far, staking quite low amounts as I learn. 

The first thing I do now when looking for a trading opportunity is to open up their statistics portal. They have data for everything, which always helps you to make an informed decision.

I haven’t spoken on their too much, but I’m also a huge fan of the Live Chat / Community Forum area. There’s a lot of members, with lots of experience. As always, if you’re in the right crowds, opportunities appear. They are very helpful & like teaching others how to trade, which is a huge positive.

Goal Profits will take your time, as most people that are starting trading will be novices. I have no shame to admit I was (I suppose I still am!) a novice.

You need to learn the strategies, get the correct mindset and then put them to action. However, they provide everything to make you a successful trader. 

Betfair Trading is completely different to placing an accumulator bet. You’ll never win 100,000 times your stake, but you’ll make lots of low risk profits.

It’s a great product & I don’t think you can find a better service for your money.

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