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Football Index is a stockmarket, allowing you to buy shares in football players all over the world. There’s no other product like this, as it’s the first football stockmarket on the planet.

It’s a betting product, but it’s a great combination of Betting Exchanges & fantasy football. With the addition of the opportunity to cash in from your football knowledge, it makes Football Index a fantastic platform.

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Top Tips on Football Index

If you have just started your journey on Football index, you may already know it can be quite stressful when you begin.

The prices fluctuate daily, the players that you think should rise may actually fall.

 It’s also evident that if a players price falls, so does your mood, it can be very frustrating.

It’s not helped by various forums and twitter, which has many members posting things trying to raise their own portfolio profits.

At this point you don’t know where to turn. We’ve actually ‘shut down’ our forums due to the success of IndexGain & the rise of the Twitter Community.

Football Index Analysis have you covered with these Football Index Tips

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Understand What Drives the Market

To make consistent profits on Football Index, you will need a strong portfolio competing on all fronts for dividends.

If you lump all of your money into one player, as we advise you avoid, you have a minimal chance of earning dividends, although will receive a bumper payout when you do end up winning a payout.

To be able to compete on all fronts, you will want to hold players that are capable of winning dividends in every single category.

Football Index Tips

The categories; Media Buzz Winner, Top Defender Performance Buzz, Top Midfielder Performance Buzz, Top Forward Performance Buzz, Overall Top Star Performance Buzz.

The overall top star goes to the highest scoring player that day.

As well as competing for Dividend payouts, you can hold Future Star players, who should rise in price as they gain popularity and experience.

It’s very hard to predict a future star player on Football Index though. While you can see who’s a wonderkid, you can’t prove that their skills will convert into the Football Index Scoring Matrix.

Avoid Panic Selling on Football Index

Panic selling can be the fastest way to lose money on Football Index.

There can be many reasons for a panic sell.

Maybe you have futures in a young promising player which has been linked to a move away to a poor club, this could lead to a few traders selling up their shares as they would be worried the players career is ‘over’.

Injuries are another favourite of mine, but that’s when I like to buy!

Football index injured players

However, selling based upon rumours is a mistake.

If the rumours were to become official, maybe it would be a sensible thing to do, but there’s no need to panic based upon rumours. 

More recently, since Performance Buzz has been introduced, Panic Trading has been occurring on a daily basis.

I have seen traders buying players who ‘should’ win Performance Buzz, such as Kroos, Rakitic, Neymar, Messi & De Bruyne.

Not bad purchases!

It’s what happens next which is the real concern. If the top players do not win the Buzz, or in some cases don’t play the full 90 minutes, prices will crash.

This is because the traders are anxious that the players are over rated, or won’t perform well all season. This is a real quick way to lose a chunk of your bankroll.

Traders have also been buying players who ‘should’ win the buzz dividends for the next day, chasing dividend payouts.

This will lead to a huge surge in prices followed by a sharp decrease after the buzz has been paid out.

In many cases, buzz dividends payout doesn’t cover the cost of buying and selling the player, so many traders end up making a loss regardless.

Try to Avoid a ‘Club Bias’

We are all fanboys really, I personally love watching Anthony Martial play!

However, with Football Index, being a fanboy can affect your profitability as it leads to poor decision making.

When I first registered, I desperately wanted shares in Martial as he’s my favourite player, Rashford was £4 and double the price!

However, monitoring his performance buzz scores I saw that he doesn’t generate many points, as he’s either coming on as a sub or only plays 60-70 minutes! The truth is; he doesn’t put a great deal of effort in.

Luckily, I didn’t actually invested in Martial as his Football Index Dividend returns have been extremely poor.

However, it taught me how you can be led into trading with emotions alone, which can be damaging!

There’s probably nothing better than seeing a player you admire perform well, but if you aren’t careful you can tie up lots of money in ‘hopes and dreams’ money.

Trade Smart!

Follow Reputable News Outlets for Key Transfer Info

Talksport, UEFA, The FA, ESPN, FIFA, Football League, Daily Mail, Daily Star, The Times, Telegraph, Independent, Express, Guardian, Metro, Daily Mirror, BBC, Football365,, Huffington Post and Sky Sports.

Football Index Tips

The sources above are for Media Buzz, but you will find they only ever post information which is official.

It’s as if they get briefed beforehand, for Example Sky Sports sub-firm Sky Bet, had Oxlade Chamberlain at 1/6 to join Liverpool at the start of the transfer window, for him to move right at the end of the window.

It’s a strange one as Liverpool didn’t actually declare interest in him until around 27th August!

There are many good sources such as DiMarzio, who is the Italian leagues transfer news guru.

If you can be first to see confirmed transfer news, you have a great chance of being able to make profit as you can take advantage of the hype.

There are many accounts to avoid, such as INDYKAILA and co.

These accounts are run by fans, trying to create hype and creating false transfer stories in the hope to get a bit of social media fame. You will want to avoid these accounts, as if you were to follow the advice and invest in the wrong players, it could have a negative effect on your portfolio.

If it’s not fans that run the accounts, we’ve found that in some cases it’s people trying to benefit from having a large following. 

They’re very clever. They would put £1000’s on a Sky Bet Transfer Rumour, then they will PAY a Transfer Rumour page to say they are in the know… (take a look at the pic below at their odds, a no-lose situation for them).

I’m sure you get the rest of the plot!

Football Index Tips - Transfers

It’s only officially Profit when you Withdraw from Football Index

The key thing to remember with Football Index is that until the money is withdrawn and in your bank account, it’s not profit!

It also works the other way, you aren’t at a trading loss until you decide to sell the player, so it’s worth keeping that in mind.

It’s important that you assess your portfolio regularly, if you believe that your player has reached the highest price he can, Cash in!

However, it’s equally important not to Panic, as i explain below, as things generally turn around on the Football Index.

This can affect your emotions like crazy, it’s great seeing your portfolio in the ‘Green’, but until you actually withdraw or at least have the money available in your account balance, anything can happen.

It’s definitely a good idea to diversify your portfolio, as I explain.

To Diversify your portfolio means to spread your capital over many different shares, instead of going ‘all-in’ on a single player. Let’s take a look:

  • Example 1 – User spends £100 on 1 player. Player decreases 10% = £10 LOSS
  • Example 2 – User spends £100 on 10 players. 1 Player decreases 10% = £1 LOSS.

Example 1 is definitely more risky. If your player gets Injured or Suspended, he will be on the sidelines for quite a while, meaning a price drop & also NO dividends payout.

Example 2 is great bankroll management. You are fighting on 10 fronts for Dividend payouts, and can handle a player losing value as more than likely, another from your portfolio will increase!

2% commission on every sale

This can be a killer if you forget to factor in the fees. Although I class it as a killer, it’s very fair by Football Index. They have to make money, in order to pay daily dividends!

There are no monthly charges to access the platform, plus we don’t pay taxes on earnings.

I will run an example below.

  • Messi: 100 Purchased at £8, Total Cost £800
  • Messi: 100 Sold at £8.10.Total Sale Price – £810
  • 2% of £810 = £16.20.
  • Although you have sold 10p higher than purchase price will still lose you £6.20!

This shows that, although your portfolio is showing ‘green’, with profit, until you factor in your commission to be paid, the profit won’t be exactly what your portfolio page says.

Stick to your Football Index Strategy

This is a top tip of mine, but it’s sometimes perfectly fine to deviate from. 

It’s a bit of a Catch 22!

Not all players are ‘here and now’ players, lots of players can be purchased for potential future ability.

It can be very easy to forget why you have a player in your portfolio, so it’s important to make a note / trading plan to help you remember.

For example, if you have a player such as Justin Kluivert, he’s a skilful player which is a future prospect.

However, in the short term he offers relatively low value. Holland aren’t in the World Cup, and there’s no suggestion that he’s moving clubs this summer.

It could be very easy to Insta-Sell him, moving on to a player that’s playing in the world cup. 

However, why sell him? When you purchased shares in Justin, you had a clear plan set in mind that this would be a Longer Term hold.

Always stick to your guns, unless the Sell price has risen to a point where you can Trade a profit out.

Then, it doesn’t seem as bad a decision to sell up, even if this goes against the reason you had initially purchased.

When I am trading, I don’t go ‘IN’ on a purchase unless I have a good gut feeling about the trade.

You have to trust your own instinct, I have this website to give a little guidance, but I never try to sway you into a particular player.

At time of writing this, I have reduced my portfolio and have considerable amounts in Azpilcueta and Verratti!

I am always 100% open with my trades and looking at a way to publicise my ‘every move’ on Football Index.

It’s important that you avoid some accounts on Twitter, they constantly push their own players to try and obtain more profits from that player. Or, they may have a certain player in particular for sale, so are highlighting his stats, so you buy their shares.

Trust your instinct!

Always Act Professionally on Football Index

It’s very easy to be laid back with Football Index.

The problem is, laid back traders won’t make anywhere near as much as a Trader with a solid plan.

There’s nothing like seeing how much money you’ve made.

Why not set future profit targets, so that you have something to work towards?

When I say treat Football Index correctly, I’m not advising that you send them a Christmas Card.

It’s a professional trading platform. To be successful, you need to be professional. The good news is that, as you’re looking for tips… you want to be successful.

You already have the correct mindset.

Football Index Buzz

Football Index may seem like a game as it’s really fun, but let’s be honest we all want to make a profit on the platform.

There are many recreational members on the site, who are using it as an alternative to placing accumulator bets etc.

However, you are reading this, which means you want to be a profiting, successful member.

To be successful, you need to set plans & record your movements on spreadsheets.

If you set plans, you can see what good trades you have made in the past, and consider how to replicate them. More importantly, you can spot mistakes & how to avoid them!

The Football Index isn’t fantastic for allowing you to see previous trades and buzz wins, so if you can track this you will be one step ahead, which is key for achieving success.

New Football Index Tips for 2020:

Use The Matching Engine

The Matching Engine has been implemented now, where we can make offers for players. It’s there to be used, currently commission free.

Instead of purchasing a player at the Buy Price, you will be better to make a bid for a player. Take a look at my bids below.

Football Index Tips for Matching Engine

I have been testing out the bids, to see just how much discount I can find from the matching engine. There’s one player on this list that I accidentally purchased immediately, the only player that I’m in a loss with!

I’ve picked up some crazy discounts, in some cases close to a 40% discount, which just wouldn’t be possible without the matching engine.

However, it won’t always work out well. The bids won’t be matched every single time, and you could be left with that sinking feeling that you’ve missed a rise.

Football Index Matching Engine Tip

I missed out on the Sandro Tonali rise, when I was trying to save just £0.10. I could have market purchased at £2.25, but I thought I would try and maximise my profitability. 

Now, I’ve had to cancel the shares and I can either bid £2.42, buy for £2.71 or wait and complain he’s too expensive! 

When using the Matching Engine, ensure you are proactive in adjusting bids. You might even save yourself a few pence if the player falls in price. 

The matching engine tip is probably my biggest Football Index Tip, definitely the Tip for 2020.

Do you have any other tips you’d like me to include, which could help a beginner out? Or would you like to ask me something regarding a tip? Feel free to post below!


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