Sorare Germany: Die Mannschaft Enter the NFT World

Sorare Germany: Die Mannschaft Enter the NFT Gaming World

Sorare Germany Deutschland

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The Euro 2020, or Euro 2021, has seen some massive advancements with the registered teams on Sorare. If you’re yet to keep up with the news, then you’ll want to have a quick read of these articles, as France & Belgium players have already been added to the platform!

This time, we welcome the Deutsch powerhouses, and there’s already a significant number of cards that we’re interested in! I’m really excited to do the player profile on this one, and although Germany have been knocked out of the tournament, these cards will still carry exceptional demand.

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Germany National Team Joins Sorare

As I’ve mentioned briefly above, Sorare are really working hard at getting the top national teams aboard their platform. We’ve already seen some of the biggest National teams join & It feels like a matter of time before they announce Nations such as England, USA and maybe a little bit of Joga Bonito Brazil!

Without any more hesitation, I’m going to highlight three players which I believe will be fantastic holds. Just like my other reviews, I’ll try and stick to lesser known players. They won’t be completely obscure, but let’s just say I won’t be telling you that Mbappe is a good buy!

3 Sorare Germany Players to Watch

Germany didn’t show the same killer instinct that we are used to seeing during Euro 2020, but we can’t complain as it ultimately led to England reaching the Final. However, just because they had a mediocre campaign, doesn’t mean that the cards are less valuable. 

We’ve earmarked three players which are great additions to the Sorare S05 Galleries, as much as I would have liked to add Toni Kroos, he was already available in his Real Madrid kit so he’s not really a new addition.

Robin Gosens

Robin Gosens probably wouldn’t have been the first player on the lips of many football fans, but he deserves a mention. Tucked away at Atalanta in Serie A, he’s been making a name for himself whilst avoiding the limelight. The truth is, I think it’s only a matter of time until he makes a big move.

At 27 years old, he’s no spring chicken. However, he provides vital experience and an insane attacking threat, levels that you just don’t expect from a left back. Gosens scored 11 goals and provided 6 assists in Serie A. The secret with Gosens that might see him add vital points in your S05 teams, is that he plays in Left Midfield, quite often! This is why he’s scored quite a few goals.

Ruben Gosens Sorare Germany

If you time it right, you can snatch Gosens for a price of 0.2 Ethereum. If you consider that Atalanta aren’t yet signed and licensed on Sorare, this is the only chance you have to snap him up. It means that once the Limited Edition Germany National Team supply has ended, you won’t be able to find any more of him.

On a complete side note; is it just me that thinks he’s the doppleganger of Lukas Podolski?

Kai Havertz

Havertz is definitely an in-demand player. After making his big move to Chelsea, Sorare fans were desperate to add him to their galleries. The problem? Chelsea aren’t licensed yet, so the only way they could add him was by getting the Bayer Leverkusen edition cards. Next problem? There was a limited supply of these and nobody fancied selling them!

Havertz Sorare Germany

The Germany National team licensing meant that managers were able to add the German Kit Version of Kai Havertz to their Sorare galleries. The good news for scarcity collectors, is that if Chelsea do get licensed, there won’t be an overload of Kai Havertz on the market as the scarcity combines. This was confirmed in the latest Ask Me Anything session, completed by the CEO.

Havertz really doesn’t need an introduction, does he? There were doubts at the start of the season whether he would live up to the price tag, but those doubts were obliterated with his last kick of the ball in a Chelsea shirt, winning Chelsea the 2020/21 UEFA Champions League.

Timo Werner

Quite a controversial one this, as Timo Werner has received negative press after his opening season at Chelsea. Whilst he hasn’t set the world alight, I think he’s had a decent first season. It’s important to remember he’s a young forward, so won’t be anywhere near the top of his game just yet. However, he’s still managed 6 goals and 8 assists in 29 appearances, which is a contribution in every other game on average. 

Timo Werner Sorare Germany Auto

Whilst they aren’t figures that will get him competing for the Golden Boot Award, I think we’ve got a lot more to see next season. Tuchel needs to work out where he wants Werner to play, as he’s been floating around the Left Wing or Central Forward positions, which is going to hinder his development.

I think he may be better suited to the Left Wing, as an inside forward. With his raw pace, it’s certainly an option. Chelsea are also reported in re-signing Romelu Lukaku, for the 12th time!

Also, if you didn’t notice, Timo Werner is playing Sorare! He has his very own signed card, and he’s already starting to build his teams up. You can certainly tell he’s a Liverpool fan!

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